Installation, Day 2

Branden - champion photo installer
Branden was my assistant today. He is a problem-solver/photo-installer extraordinaire.


NEPR Showcase
Opening one week from tomorrow! Can’t wait to show my work to you all.


Installation, Day 2

Women in Photography Night at the Photographic Resource Center

I have been volunteering with the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) at Boston University since last October, and have greatly enjoyed the various events and opportunities they offer. The organization truly is one of the best resources for photographers in New England. I was very excited to have the opportunity to share my work at one of their peer-review nights last Thursday. Lisa Kessler, a professor at Endicott College, hosted the night in which I, Leslie Jardine, Barbara Trachtenberg, Paris Visone, and Ryan McMahon shared our work. The conversation was lively, and the work shared showed a wide breadth of photographic interests and the stellar quality of work happening in the Boston area.

Click the image below to see more photos from the event!

presenting my work
presenting my work! (c) Marisol Marquez
Women in Photography Night at the Photographic Resource Center

Photograping at The Photographic Resource Center

One of my side projects as of late has been photographing and volunteering at events for the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. If you’re unfamiliar with the organization, I highly recommend browsing their website as they offer a fantastic range of photography-related events and resources. Within the last month I photographed an informal critique on street photography, a lecture on collecting photography, and a lecture by photographer Catherine Wagner.

Click on the photos below for many more photos from each event, and definitely check out their website and list of events!


Street Night – September 28, 2011

“These free, informally structured programs foster a sense of community with photographers, PRC members, and students by offering an opportunity to share images and insights about particular topics in contemporary photographic practice. Presenters bring prints or show images on their own laptops, and are asked to make a brief statement about their work.” – PRC website

image of artist Keith Prue


Vintage and Modern: Workshop on Collecting Photography with Alice Zimet – October 13, 2011

“Alice Zimet conducted this fun, social, and informative workshop focusing on collecting photography, with a particular spotlight on the PRC 2011 Benefit Auction pieces. Karen Haas, the Lane Collection Curator of Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, led a tour of highlights from the live auction.

Attendees gained a greater understanding of the photography marketplace and the proper tools to become thoughtful photography collectors.” – PRC

Alice Zimet


Catherine Wagner: Photographs and Public Projects – October 19, 2011

“Catherine Wagner presented the last thirty years of her work, concentrating on projects of the last decade.” – PRC

Catherine Wagner and Attendees

Photograping at The Photographic Resource Center