Boston Companies that Save the Day, and Make Your Day Better

Last weekend, I was bestowed with the hands of death – everything I touched was maimed or destroyed. At times like these, it’s best to turn to the professionals. Or in my case, return to the professionals, so a handful of my prints are back at Digital Silver Imaging for mounting and reprinting. DSI is one of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and I just had to give them a shout out. Their work is phenomenal and they’ve come through for me in a pinch more than once.

But on to other things!

Back in June, which apparently was only a month ago, I had the pleasure of working with another great company in the area, Nara. They just launched a public beta version of their website, which BostInno described as a combination of Yelp and Pandora. Users input their three favorite restaurants, and Nara will provide suggestions of restaurants that match the users preferences. It’s a really fun site to use, and I recommend getting in on the ground floor with the website – looks like Nara is also planning to expand to travel and leisure as well.

My work was far more simple than building a search engine though – I was commissioned to shoot headshots of Tom Copeman, the CEO, and Nathan Wilson, the CTO. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing their company grow! Check out a few of the shots below:

Tom Copeman
Tom Copeman – CEO
Tom Copeman
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson – CTO
Nathan Wilson 1
Tom and Nathan


Boston Companies that Save the Day, and Make Your Day Better

Coffee, Drinks, and a Tour Around Town with The Knottery

Freelance gigs are tough to find and tougher to get, especially when just starting out in the editorial and commercial photography world. But fun opportunities do come along, and last weekend I was lucky enough to shoot some ties and pocket squares for The Knottery, a men’s accessories brand out of Brooklyn. Photos below!


Pocket Square - The Schooner


Pocket Square - The Catamaran


Tie - Schooner


Tie - Zen Sangria


Tie - Cran Razzy


Tie - The Mojito


Tie - Berry Martini


Tie - White Russian


And my favorite tie, The Bloody Mary:

Tie - Bloody Mary

Check out their website for more ties, accessories, and general manly awesomeness!

In other news, I was one of 6 photographers chosen from the New England Portfolio Review to be part of a group show in August! Details and photos are forthcoming, but mark the opening, August 9th, 6-8 on your calendar. Would love to see you there!

Coffee, Drinks, and a Tour Around Town with The Knottery