A Few Sketches

As much as I love my Resonance series and my black and whites, I’ve felt for a little while that it was time for a change. So for the last year or so I’ve been revisiting my love of collage. I find making collages to be more engaging, enjoyable, and physical than straight photography. Working with my hands to play with color, texture, and space is artmaking at its most pleasurable for me.

I’ve begun a series of more formal, photography-based collages that I have up on my website. But I wanted to offer the below sketches as a hint of what I’m trying to do, in the most basic sense. I learn a lot from the process of making these, even when they’re not perfect. I hope I have more to show soon.

Sketch #1, 7″x5″



Sketch #2, 12″x9″



Sketch #3, 5″x7″




A Few Sketches

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