The 24 hours in each day are rarely enough to allow sufficient attention/energy for all aspects of one’s life, so here I am, FINALLY, with some new work. That being said, I’ve actually spent the last 10 months developing a process for creating this work. I’ve inhaled a lot of fumes. I’ve gotten paste and wax all over various surfaces – sometimes artwork, sometimes furniture, sometimes myself. And I’ve ruined a lot of really nice collages. But thanks to talking to Bruce Myren and my dear boyfriend, I found the right adhesive and the right protective coating that allow me to make these collages the way I want to, and protect them without obscuring the colors of the prints used to make the collages. FINALLY!

I’m hoping to develop these into a large series, and therefore have yet to have titles for the works or the series as a whole. But here’s hoping that more works will appear in this space soon. And I’d love to hear your thoughts, either in the comments or by email!



collage #1, 2″ x 3″




collage #2, 6″ x 6″



collage #3, 8″ x 8″


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