Wrap-Up/Shout-Outs/On to the Next One

Oh friends, what a crazy time it has been.

The NEPR Showcase has already come and gone. It’s been almost a month since the opening, and in that time I’ve met all sorts of lovely people. I also got a small but awesome mention at the end of the Boston Globe review on August 14th, and an amazing writeup by Liz Devlin of FLUX Boston.

If you missed the show, the virtual tour is now live on the PRC’s Flickr. Go go go!


I would be remiss not to give a shout out to the O’Connells, Anna Martin, Branden Etheridge, and Digital Silver Imaging for helping me with all aspects of the show. I couldn’t have asked for better support. And of course, a huge HUGE thank you to Julie and Erin at the PRC – you ladies knew I could do it all along, and for that, I’m ever grateful.


But as Jay-Z would say, I’m on to the next one:

Mount Holyoke College

During the second week of November I will have the honor of showing work as part of Mount Holyoke College’s 175th Anniversary. I am still finalizing plans, but for more information on the celebration, visit the college’s website here: Mount Holyoke College: Celebrating 175 Years of Women of Influence.

Wrap-Up/Shout-Outs/On to the Next One

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