Female x Female Exhibition

unwrapping photos

As I was unwrapping my photos at the Hallway Gallery in Jamaica Plain today, I remembered something; I’m an artist. For all the hours I have spent in galleries and museums in the last three years, it has always been as a volunteer or staff. I forgot what it was like be on the other side, and I am so excited to be the artist again.

Starting this Thursday the 3rd, I will have six photos in the exhibition Female x Female at the Hallway Gallery in Jamaica Plain. The opening is on Thursday from 6-9. Please come by! It will be a great show and a lovely evening. If you can’t make it that night, the exhibition is up until November 27th. Gallery hours are Thursdays 4-8pm, Friday and Saturday 11a-7p, and Sunday 12p-4p.

Exhibition website

“Kate True, Carolyn Johnson, Darien Bird, Dana Cowley, Maria Molteni and others will be exhibiting an array of mediums and styles with the female figure taking center stage.”

The work that I have on view is from my Resonance series, which you can see here.

Hope to see everyone on Thursday night! If you can’t make it Thursday but make it down another time, drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the show.

Female x Female Exhibition

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