900 Feet

New York City is a place that I pass through frequently, but barely get to spend any quality time in. This was true once again last week when I traveled home for a friend’s wedding. Only an hour and a half Wednesday, and the same on Sunday. What can you see in the city in that amount of time? Not much. It’s hard to escape the crush of Times Square and the accompanying tourists when travel takes you to both the Port Authority and Penn Station. The city becomes neon and paper, with billboards and brick clouding the sky. But if you look closely, there are still striking views to be seen. All the following photos were taken within one block (which, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, is typically 900 feet long in Manhattan).




side of a building


building facade


photo of NYC


photo of NYC


photo of NYC


And because it is New York . . .

a bicycle in New York

900 Feet

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