The City

This past weekend I took one of those seemingly endless bus rides down to a city that has grown on me in the last year. I remember being afraid of  New York City up through high school. It’s a world apart from my hometown, and seemed too full, too busy. My biggest complaint was that the sun, blocked by skyscrapers, didn’t reach the ground.

But what a difference a few years makes. Boston is, as my boyfriend says, a great starter city and my love for Boston has greatly augmented my enjoyment of New York. My last two trips there were quick but intensely enjoyable. Spontaneous adventures, birthday cake in a park in the middle of winter, long long walks, museums with walls for miles . . .

Sadly, this time around was not the same. Time and the subway system seemed to conspire against my fellow travelers and me. We rushed around and my camera barely saw the light of day. The few shots that I grabbed are below. But soon, very soon, I hope to go back, with my camera leading the way.


neon landscape


Portrait in Times Square




urban landscape

Subway Signs

The City

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