Crane Beach

Summer! I have been craving summer days since the first snowflakes started falling this past winter. And what a long winter it was: feet of snow, icy sidewalks for weeks on end, plummeting temperatures. March was disgusting as it always is in Boston. April, May and June were teases this year: plenty of rain but only a few warm days.

But finally! Finally the heat and the sun have come to the Northeast. Thanks to an extra day off allotted by my workplace, I had the first of July to myself and wanted to celebrate the season.

bridge to the beach

I’m not one for beaches, but something sounded so perfect about getting out of the city and spending a few hours on the sand by the ocean. I had heard from numerous people that Crane Beach was exceptionally pretty so I decided to give it a go. There is a mansion on the estate that I didn’t make it to that day, but I definitely intend to go back. The surrounding area is truly lovely.


Entrance to the Beach

I arrived fairly early in the day, hoping to avoid crowds, and was not disappointed. There was a decent amount of people there but still plenty of space to wander and stretch out.

Lifeguard Stand



beach scene


(for more photos of the beach, visit my Flickr page)

I ended up leaving around noon as the skies grew cloudy, on the hunt for a nearby farm stand and a lobster roll. The lobster roll would be a first for me (3 years in Massachusetts without having had a lobster roll is way too long!), but I feel quite nostalgic every time I visit a farm stand since I grew up in farm country in Pennsylvania. I ended up at Russell Orchards, wooed by the signs for strawberries and fruit wine.

The grounds of the orchards are great for a mid-afternoon respite: lots of shade and picnic tables interspersed among the grounds. There were fresh apple cider donuts being made inside the stand, and fields of strawberries open for visitors.

road out into the vineyard

ponies in the field

And they had the coolest barn door ever.

barn door

I highly recommend both Crane Beach and Russell Orchards if you’re near the Massachusetts/Maine area. Happy summer and Fourth of July to you all!

Crane Beach

3 thoughts on “Crane Beach

  1. Mom says:

    Beth – I am belly-laughing out loud at your “About bhvhankes” note above. Callie-Cat is looking at me strangely while I’m laughing. Great photos–they look like places Steve and I would enjoy visiting. I especially like the one with the blue beach umbrella–perfectly imperfect thirds. Love, Mom

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