(Old) Favorites

My second to last semester of college was one of my least creative while at school. I was taking a high-level photography class, but produced little work. The lull may have been due to my focus on my sculpture class, which was enjoyable, but also yielded little in the way of satisfying artwork.

So I began to play. One of my classmates at Hampshire was great to brainstorm with, and by January 2008 I was in the studio experimenting. Everything about the shoot was simple: one model, one or two lights, and a black backdrop. The first set I took was . . . ok. I still hadn’t figured out exactly what I was doing or why, and it was obvious when looking at the negatives. But the second set, ohh the second set. The model was one of my close friends, a fantastically creative individual who provided continual inspiration. She had never modeled before but I convinced her that the setup was simple enough that she just needed to be comfortable unclothed. So she braved a cool studio and my camera, and helped me create stunningly beautiful negatives. The two following images are from that shoot:




Each image is not a single photograph, but instead a cropped section of a long negative. I only partially advanced the film after each shot which resulted in extra long negatives and unexpected successes. These two images have been long-time favorites of mine (can three years be classified as “long”?) and began my favorite series of work that I’ve created so far.

(Old) Favorites

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